One Direction’s interview with Diego Alfaro gifted us with Louis and Harry giggling with each other

We’ve definitely got a weakness for Liam, Louis and Harry’s tattoos, so you can imagine how happy we were when they actually talked about tattoos in their interview with Diego Alfaro for ‘Gud Nite’.


In between album, break and ‘we love each other’ talk, they touched upon the tattoo topic and Louis actually said he wouldn’t have any if he weren’t in One Direction (*cough* Harry’s fault), while Niall said he might’ve gotten some in uni and Liam mentioned that he needs to get more.

But the best part about the whole thing was definitely Harry and Louis discussing hypothetical if-we-weren’t-in-One-Direction tattoos and giggled like the two adorable boys we remember them as and honestly, we’re feeling alive and you should watch the video a million times because they’re just too cute.

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