One Direction were interviewed by Grimmy and it was so funny we couldn’t stop smiling for quite a while

One Direction is thankfully still in full-on ‘we have to promote the album’-mode, which gave us them chatting to BBC Radio 1’s very own Nick Grimshaw.

This one made us especially happy because they actually answered fan questions that the fans themselves asked via video, so we know that this is actually the truth for once.

We were also quite excited to see Louis and Nick interact and it feels like a bit of flirting to us if we’re being honest. The chemistry is just great, even if Harry needed an app to speak for him, so go watch it right now. RIGHT NOW!!!!

This is only half of it btw. You can watch the full thing on the BBC Radio 1 website. If you’re not from the UK you’ll unfortunately have to wait until some cheeky chap uploads it to Youtube.

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