The trip, the kiss, the fall: 9 funniest concert moments from One Direction!

While One Direction may be on their break, we’re still seeing them in concert as far as we are concerned – by having binge sessions of their best concert moments from the past four tours on YouTube.

There have been some totally iconic moments and we thought we’d share our favourites with you.

1.  Liam and Louis’ kiss

They say it was the timing and trick of the light. We say LILO IS RISING. Check out Liam and Louis’ on stage snog.

2.  Niall’s Irish dancing

How iconic is this? Such fetus. Much cuteness. Very emo.

3.  Harry takes a tumble

There have been many trips and falls on tour but this is without a doubt our favourite!

4.  1D and their families singing and dancing together

This is more emotional than funny but on their last show, 1D’s family really got into the spirit and partied with the lads. GOALS.

5. Harry ties Niall’s shoelace and gives us bromance feels

Harry is like Niall’s older brother. Even if he is the youngest.


Major throwback to the Take Me Home Tour where the lads gave their best cover of Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ – we were totally jamming to that for weeks after.

7. Uptown Funk

Remember when ‘Uptown Funk’ was still fresh and everyone lost their chill when the lads sang it at Sydney?

8. One Direction bugged out

What do you get when you get 5 young lads and an insect on stage? A One Direction concert.


Throwback to the first Harry moaning session in Cardiff. Still cannot find our ovaries.

What’s your favourite 1D stage moment? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s get emosh.

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