Here’s the potential track list for One Direction’s ‘FOUR’*

Hold on. HOLD ON.


*If Directioners were part of the management this track list could be the official one. No diggity. 

While we’re humming along to ‘Fireproof’ and ‘Steal My Girl’ we still don’t have an official track list for One Direction’s ‘FOUR’.

Our lovely friends from @1DUpdatesFacts_ (plus @zaynftcas
@weyheymalik and @cliffordfaps) wrap up the possible track list for the forthcoming album.

  1. Steal My Girl
  2. Fireproof
  3. Honey, He Gay
  4. Long Hair Don’t Care
  5. 11 inch Feature
  6. Best Fans In The World
  7. Banged Your Girl
  8. Snake Habitat (Turn Around)
  9. I Know They Love Me (Even They Don’t Know Me)
  10. Skinny Jeans
  11. Night At Funky
  12. F***ing Cinnamon Apple
  13. I Don’t Dance (Zayn Demo)

Possible bonus tracks:
McDaddy (Big Payno Remix)
Whaddap commitment (written by zayn malik)

What do you think? Which song do you think can made the album? Let us know!

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