16 One Direction songs that could have been huge hit singles

One Direction have blessed us with five albums and 17 singles in five years. Don’t get us wrong, we are so thankful, but there are a few songs which seem to be forgotten about which could have been amazing singles…

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  1. ‘I Wish’

This sweet-sounding ‘Up All Night’ era song would have been perfect to play at prom. It’s not so much upbeat but just amazing to sing along to and just gives us all the feels.

2. ‘They Don’t Know About Us’

This one’s for all the people who can’t share their relationship publically. We know it’s seen as a ‘Larry anthem’ but regardless of whether it was written about them, it could definitely be a song similar to Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song Part II’ and be aimed for any couple who can’t have an ‘out’ relationship. Don’t touch us, we’re emosh.

3. ‘Rock Me’

Because our teenage years need a little bit of a rebellious sound. And let’s be real, the world would have loved ‘Rock Me.’ Right?

4. ‘Summer Love’

Could have been a song of the summer. An ode to all the summer loves. Whether you be a Danny and Sandy from ‘Grease’ or just had a relationship that didn’t last that long. This song would have been perfect for summer 2013.

5. ‘Little White Lies’

BUT THE POWER DROP, THOUGH. When the beat drops, could you imagine you and your squad power-dropping to the floor and singing? Because we would have done that. At a party, wedding, anywhere, anytime.

5. ‘Diana’

We are all Diana and we all need to hear this sometime in our lives. This as a reminder on the radio airwaves would have been very much appreciated, ta very much.

6. ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’

Could you IMAGINE the music video? Harry back in his bakery, Payno running on the race ground where he trained, Niall… probably in a pub in Westmeath… it would have been perfect.

7. ’18’

Need we say any more?

8. ‘No Control’

Look, we applaud the fact this was a DIY single for the fans, it’s historic. But we were hoping the boys would hop on board and make it an actual single with a music video.

9. ‘Girl Almighty’

Don’t lie, we need more female empowerment songs. ESPECIALLY by boys. It could have been a stunning music video with all the beautiful fans, showing how the boys really do get down on their knees for them in awe of how amazing they are.

10. ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

If you know what ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ actually means, you could imagine a very fricking amazing music video. And also, the song is just pure quality, anyway. Even our dad liked it.

11. ‘Never Enough’

We just wanna hear Liam singing really high on the radio and on the music chart shows, tbh. And it would have made a killer single, don’t lie to yourself.

12. ‘Hey Angel’

Such a beautiful song. Theories say that this is dedicated to their fans who have passed away. What a touching tribute this could have been.

13. ‘Love You Goodbye’

Such a bittersweet song. We can even imagine the boys shedding a few tears in this video. And imagine it being like the ‘Night Changes’ video but instead they’re pleading with you because they don’t want to break u- NOPE. THE FEELS.

14. ‘Temporary Fix’

Because everyone needs a bit of Niall and a bit of frisk.

What do you think – did we nail it with our list of what should have been amazing 1D singles, or do you have a better idea? Tweet us @maximumpop pls.

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