These One Direction and Fifth Harmony fanfictions will make you scream YAS!!!

There is nothing better than getting into bed, relaxing with a cup of tea and starting a new chapter of book. To be more specific, Fifth Harmony and One Direction fanfiction, we live for it.


Now, if you’ve never dabbled in the art of fan fic, here’s some pointers. Wattpad is great for discovering new stories and even starting your own! You can always search for certain themes, people etc. We LOVE 5H and 1D ones, so here is a couple that rocked our socks.

1) Love Bites (Camarry)


Vampire Harry Styles and a werewolf Camila, YAS give us all the ‘Twilight’.

2) Fifth Harmony Meets One Direction (When Two Worlds Collide)


Anything? ANYTHING. We’re talking romance, kidnappings and #Zauren

3) The Tour


Cheating, plot twists and Demi Lovato. AMEN.

4) Anything Can Happen – One Direction & Fifth Harmony


Lauren and Harry giving us those daily feels.

5) Fireproof // 1d+5h


“Guess whoooo?” Larry Stylinson is that you?!

6) They Don’t Know About Us, One Direction and Fifth Harmony fan fic.


#Camarry? #Hally? #Nauren? GIVE IT ALL TO US


We’ve got all the feels. Fancy checking them out then? Once you’ve read them, give us a cheeky tweet @maximumpop with your thoughts and if you’ve found even more, TELL US.

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