One Direction will appear in an upcoming episode of Family Guy! FT. Uncle Simon.

One Direction are off for two years, slobbing and seeing their familys AND appearing on Family Guy, yup you heard us, the foursome will be taking to your screen in the popular series some time soon!

Liam and Louis Family Guy

We can confirm that Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam will appear in an upcoming campfire scene with no other than Stewie himself, where he tells the lads a scary story about jeans that weren’t skinny.

Unfortunately Harry and Niall don’t have any lines but you will hear Louis and Liam speak during the episode!tumblr_nzg4gpAzHR1u3y7ruo1_500

Oh and there’s more, word on the street is that Mr Cowell will appear in the episode too but we can’t confirm or deny if Uncle Simon will read his own lines or not.

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