One Direction Escape Mad Fans In Perth. POP BITS

POP BITS. The world’s favourite boyband One Direction have had another scary encounter with those ‘crazy’  fans of theirs.

After their arrival in Perth, Australia, the boys and their entourage had to speed through traffic and go past THREE sets of red lights!

Apparently the boys landed in the city by private jet and were then being driven to their hotel, where 15 fans chased them down the road.

And the police have even got involved! Western Australian Assistant Commissioner (is there any need for such a long title?) Nick Anticich told E! News: “I have been made aware of it, and I’ve asked our traffic enforcement group to have a look at it. We need to determine the facts and obviously if there’s any evidence supporting the allegations. It’s unacceptable behaviour. It breaches the law and we will deal with every person in the same way.”

So 1D might be arrested? What if we never see that boyband nipple ever again? Please officer, they were living while they’re young! POP BITS OUT.

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