Flashback Friday: That time when Ed Sheeran jammed with One Direction and it was fetus AF

Cast your minds back to 2011, the year of Keek and the musical births of One Direction and Ed Sheeran. Ahh simpler times and Zayn was still in 1D. We’re not crying, it’s allergies.

giphy (45)

In this throwback video clip, Niall and Harry make some not-so-sweet tunes on their guitars (no offence), whilst Ed raps about Harry, and Liam stares lovingly at Ed. #Ediam aka worst ship name ever. We have no idea where Louis and Zayn are but they were probs frolicking in the fields somewhere.

This is like the cutest thing we’ve EVER seen and there isn’t a fangirl in sight, how nice and chill is that. We do have to say though, what is it with boys and showing their pants! You have a belt on for a reason Ed.


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