One Direction, selfies and meeting the Vamps: We chat with Doug the Pug

It goes without saying that here at MP! we love *~everything pop~*. So when we found out that the self-confessed KING of pop culture, Doug the Pug, was in town, we couldn’t not meet him.

Doug’s in London to promote his new book, ‘Doug the Pug: King of the Internet’, and he couldn’t be more excited.  Having brought along his lovely owner, Leslie (she’s probably the luckiest human alive),  Doug’s been exploring London in the only way he knows how — with a suitcase FULL of costumes and a heap of style. 

We sat down with Doug to find out what he really thinks about James McVey, his style tips for autumn, and advice for achieving the perfect selfie.

Doug on One Direction 

“Walking around London makes me feel like I’m in a One Direction video, and I can’t get enough of it. If the boys reform, I definitely wouldn’t say no to replacing Zayn. He’s doing pretty well on his own now, so I think the rest of the boys could do with a cute new face. All I’m saying is that the offer’s there, if they’re up for it.”

“I’ve met lots of cool people, but the 1D boys are still on my list. I’d really love to chill with them — they’re pawesome!”

Who’s up for starting a petition for getting the boys to reform and accept a new canine member? We know we are!

Doug on meeting James from The Vamps

“When I heard that James McVey from The Vamps wanted to meet me, I was super excited. Apparently, he’s been following me for over a year, so that’s pretty cool. He was a really lovely guy — we just chilled out for a while and he gave me lots of cuddles. ”

“I imagine loads of his fans will be really jealous of me. He posted a really funny picture of us on Twitter. I look totally unimpressed, but really, I was just trying to play it cool.”

Doug on Halloween costumes

“Halloween (or Pug-o-ween, as I like to call it) has to be one of my fave holidays! Once I get back home to Nashville, I think Leslie will be helping me to pick a different costume for each day. We have a great time choosing which outfits to pick, and it’s even more fun come October!”

“Earlier today I went to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross and dressed up as Harry Pugger, that was really cool. I think as long as you dress up as something you’re into, or you like, you can’t really go wrong. I have SO many outfits lined up for Halloween, so you’ll just have to watch this space.”

Oh Doug, you tease.

Doug on dressing for autumn 

“Fall is my favourite season because it means I get to layer. I love layering! Hats, scarves, jumpers and blankets all make me a very happy pug.”

“My motto in life is, ‘the snugglier, the better’. I mean, who doesn’t like being as snug as a pug in a rug? ”

Doug on his favourite Starbucks order

“The Pugkin Spice Latte costume is one of my faves, so naturally, I always order a PSL when I head to Starbucks.  I’m a total basic, and PROUD”.

Doug on taking the perfect selfie

 “I love selfies, they’re so much fun. Getting the perfect selfie is ALL about the lighting.  I also like to do my selfies on top of white bed sheets. I mean, for me, it works, but I’m not sure if it’ll work for non-pugs. Try it and see.”

Doug on Snapchat filters


“It’s kind of annoying, but Snapchat filters don’t actually work on my face. My owner Leslie says it’s too squishy for the camera to recognise.”

“I’d have to say my favourite Snapchat filter would have to be the pug, obvs. A few people have asked if it’s me, which is really flattering. It’s not, but I wouldn’t say no if Snapchat asked me to pose for a filter!”

Want to add Doug on Snapchat? Head to our Snapchat directory, where you’ll find all of his details!

Doug on his famous friends

“I’ve been really lucky to meet so many amazing people! Ed Sheeran was really nice (I even wore a wig to look like him), and so were John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen. But even though I’ve met so many celebrities, I try to stay down to earth with it all. Deep down I’m still just a pug from Nashville with a squishy face and a fridge full of snacks.”

Doug on getting his own TV show

“I love the camera, but I think I’ll stick to doing my videos and photos in private. I’m all about getting a good dose of ‘me time’ (which usually involves snoozing and eating), so I don’t think that would be very interesting.”

Doug on becoming a social media superstar

“If you want to make it big, you’ve got to be committed. I try to post something every single day — even if it’s just a quick selfie. I’d suggest all pets out there who want to be successful in social media nag their owners to get the right equipment — just like I did with Leslie. It’s worth investing in some cool props and filming equipment if you’re really dedicated.”

“But you don’t necessarily have to dress up to get followers I think if owners can play around with different pictures and videos, they’ll soon find what works best for their pets. It’s all about finding the right thing for you.”

Doug on why you need his new book in your life


“Me and Leslie made the book in the hope of putting a smile on people’s faces. Humans often tell me I make them happy, so I just wanted to spread a little bit of positivity. We’ve filled the book with loads of cute and funny photos, so hopefully, everyone will love them.”

“After getting so many fans on social media, I thought it would be cute to make something which people can keep forever. Plus, who wouldn’t want a book of their best selfies?!”

Doug the Pug: King of the Internet’ is out now.

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Written by Rachel Ellen Pugh

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