One Direction launch new range of dolls in the US. Here’s our thoughts for the UK Edition.

When we say “One Direction unveil new doll collection” we are not talking about Niall’s Malibu Barbie Dream House complete with battery operated pink Beetle, we are talking about their new and improved dolls modelled to look like the band.

The dolls are joining the band’s ever-growing collection of 1D merchandise. The boys’ first set of dolls were released back in May 2012 but they flew off shelves and Hasbro had to run back and make a new set. The new and improved edition of dolls are sadly only available in the US, so if you are interested in purchasing one, you can’t pop down to your local Toys’R’Us.

Here are our suggestions for a range of One Direction Action Figures. We like to call it: One Direction’s ‘Take Me Home’ collection.

Crotch- grabbin’ Harry

It’s no secret that Harry is the joker of the group and is quite fond of a good crotch grab. We think the Hazza doll should have a “crotch-grab feature”, activated by a button on his back. We also would like the doll’s hair to smell of roses and butterflies, like Ke$ha had suggested.

Learning with Liam

Liam seems to be the 1Der with his head screwed on. We think Liam’s doll should have a chord hanging from his back and when pulled, delivers some fatherly advice like “Hey, you look sad. Why not listen to ‘Best Song Ever’ again?”

Soccer Star Louis

With the recent news that Louis has joined Doncaster Rovers, we think that his doll should be wearing the Rovers’ kit. We also think he should come with a second outfit which consists of a turtle neck and chinos.


Watch Me Twerk Niall

Niall seems to be gunning for Miley’s “Master of Twerk” status, so we think it’s only fitting that his action figure should be a wind-up toy. Wind him up and watch him twerk across the room. Who wouldn’t want that?

Tattoo-Me Zayn

We imagine Zayn’s doll coming complete with your own marker, so you can doodle your own images of Perrie Edwards or comic book sound effects on the ‘Kiss You’ singers’ biceps.


What do you think of the ‘Take Me Home’ Collection? Would you buy one? Do you have any ideas for some 1D toys? Let us know in the comment box below.

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