One Direction fans plan to release a DIY single because they’re simply the best fans in the world

It’s common knowledge that One Direction fans are extremely innovative but as of late, they’ve taken it to an entirely new level! The fans are planning to “release” One Direction’s song No Control as the first One Direction DIY single.

The song is from One Direction’s album Four which they released late last year and it’s a fan favorite. Not that we can blame them considering how the song absolutely slays (and Louis’ vocals honestly could not be better as he leads the chorus).

The plan is for the fans to “release” the song themselves after agreeing upon a date for release which they’ll promote through social media. On that date, they plan to buy the track on iTunes and to blast it to the top. One Direction fans really one of the most dedicated, supportive fans if this is any indication.

It’s a very sweet, thoughtful notion and hopefully all goes to plan so No Control gets the love that it deserves—which is a lot! If you want to join in and help the movement, go here! Remember to spread the word!

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