You can now get a degree in One Direction and we’re already halfway through our application!

How many UCAS points do you need for this?

This one is for all of you who have ever looked at an algebraic equation and said ‘when will we ever need to know this?’

It’s also for all those times when you’ve said ‘if only I could do my exam in ____, I’d get an A+ easily’.

Feeling a bit stressed out by exams coming up? This is also for you. Perhaps even, your teachers have started asking you what you want to study at university. Until now, you probably had no idea. You’re welcome, we’ve got you.

One woman in New Zealand is about to make you feel a lot better about yourself. Studying at Otego University, Mille Lovelock, is an English Masters student. She’s chosen to specify her degree towards One Direction and the Directioner fandom.

Let’s face it, the fandom that surrounded and still surrounds One Direction is only comparable to that of The Beatles. There haven’t been a band that significant to popular culture in about 40 years. Whether you’re a Directioner or not, you can’t deny that’s pretty special.

Millie’s degree explores how important fandoms are to society, but also why so many people are quick to dismiss what women are passionate about. She has a particular interest in the way the fandom have been able to discover sexuality through generating fan-fiction. With the anonymity of the online world, fandoms can grow and discuss such things, creating a safe place for young girls to understand sexuality and identity through it.

She aims to kill the stigma attached to idolising celebrities and celebrate the strength and passion the fandoms are capable of.

Learning about ‘History’ is cool, but this is definitely would be the ‘Perfect’ degree, amiright?!

If you could do a degree in anything, what would it be and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I love the idea of degrees like this – I’m pretty sure there’s one about Harry Potter in Scotland? But I just can’t help but wonder at how useful that’s going to be, especially after paying 10s of 1000s of pounds for it. But good for her, I guess!

  2. Well I essentially did my Masters on Young Adult literature, it wasn’t called that, but the assignments offered a lot of freedom… I think a lot of universities are opening up to students following whatever path they want as long as its relevant to the course and makes a good argument/has an intelligent response.

    There’s that film about that baseball guy, right? He made it work too. MONEYBALL. I remember now.

    BUT I would love a full on tailored degree in Harry Potter. Like, that’s it. There’s not rule bending needed. Just straight up Hogwarts the whole way. Robes optional.

  3. This is great. Degrees definitely need to move with the wave of what’s happening right now, and this is just the kind of thing universities should be offering to students. The whole point of university is to study something you’re PASSIONATE about, and to learn the skills from doing so. It’s really easy to forget that, and to be honest, I think some teachers are afraid to tell their students for fear of them missing out on more ‘traditional’ subjects. Go with what your heart tells you, seriously. Whatever you decide to do, uni will equip you with the skills, tools and ways of thinking you need to get a job ‘in the real world’, and as long as you can show that to future employers, you’re good (obviously not the case for things like doctors, vets and dentists though, I must add!)

  4. I think Rachel that the whole point of university is to get you a qualification which will allow you to gain skills which will be useful in the real world and lead to your chosen profession. It’s great if you’re passionate about it, and you definitely will be more engaged and and perform better, but IMO this degree is pretty much useless and she’ll regret it when she is unemployed

  5. This is totally, 100% valid because I literally used pop culture and boybands to land an amazing job at such a young age. Being in a fandom has taught me excellent communication skills, teamwork, organisation and marketing techniques.

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