One Direction are Britain’s gayest band! Another achievement under the belt, eh?

Now, we know some of you are forever in the creative discussion of whether or not 1D are gay or not (we’ll leave that for you to talk about, thank you), but according to new research, One Direction are the gayest band in Britain.

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According to YouGov, who did some valid research on this highly important topic, the boys have beaten both Kylie and Madonna on the gay music artists of 2015. Well, another point to add to the CV, right?

“Using data from the YouGov Cube – our connected data vault of over 120,000 different data points, collected from over 200,000 UK adults – we compared British men who identify as gay to the rest of the population and pulled out the music artists that are most disproportionately popular among them. Liking One Direction is now the most standout feature of gay mens’ music tastes, ahead of Kylie and Madonna.

These aren’t the music artists that are most popular within the British gay community (that award goes to Sam Smith, actively liked by 15%) – but rather the artists that are most over-represented by it. ”

Finally, some research we’re interested in. As if the boys weren’t slaying enough as it was, they now have another title to add to their names!

Which artist would you say represents the LGBTQ+ community the most? Give us a tweet over at @maximumpop and let’s make this an interesting topic of discussion.

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