1D’s ‘Best Song Ever’: 5 things that would make it the best song ever!

We’re going a bit gaga for all things 1D recently (not that we aren’t always, *plays ‘Take Me Home’ for the seven-hundredth time*), due to the fact that their soon-to-be-released 3D concert movie extravaganza ‘This Is Us’ and they’ve unveiled a stonking new tune (well a few seconds of it) called ‘Best Song Ever’.

Now we’re pretty excited for this but with so much mystery around the actual song, we’re considering what would actually make this the BEST SONG EVER and have come up with five suggestions:

1No more guitar intros/openings – we get it, they like their guitar-electro-pop, but they’ve done it for two very good albums and we’d like to hear something a bit different from the boys, even if it’s just more of an electro or dance basis.

2Maybe an Adele sample, after all she has had some pretty awesome songs.

3A video where they all flirt with each other, maybe in every possible pairing – we get it, there are tons of Zouis and Larry and Ziall fans out there. Think the ‘Kiss You’ vid, but a lot camper! That would be pretty hilarious, especially given recent plans by Westboro Baptist Church to picket the boys’ concerts. Pucker up, lads!

Give us a MASSIVE key change. Something great big and fun after the middle eight that turns the euphoric alarm all the way up to eleven. Like Westlife’s best songs but multiplied by a million.

5Somehow invent a machine that can transform body parts into sounds and sample all five of the boys being shirtless and attractive. Go on, science, you know you can do it. Who doesn’t want to see Niall’s musical didgeridoo? 

So, what do you reckon they should have in ‘Best Song Ever’?

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