One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’: Is it the Best Video Ever? Here’s why we think it is!

We have already established that ‘Best Song Ever’ is in fact the best song ever. It’s been on repeat in MP! Towers since Friday. The vid for One Direction’s latest pop smash has recently surfaced online and we are totally in love. Everything about it oozes “Iconic Video” and it doesn’t even need the over-the-top artsy Gaga-ness or obscene nudity or racy movements (although we wouldn’t have minded some nudity or racy movements).

Here are 5 reasons we think that the video for ‘Best Song Ever’ is the best video ever:

11D as Village People

The selection of outfits that Marcel the Marketting Guy selected for 1D is all a bit reminiscent of The Wanted’s ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ BUT as soon as he placed the card of the boys dressed as the Village People all doubt faded from our mind.


2 Harry looks even hotter as a nerd

We love Harry. We love his lucious locks. We love his cheeky persona. But, we also LOVE Marcel. He is the hottest fictious nerd to grace our screens since… EVER. We aren’t quite sure who we’d pick between Harry and Marcel. Which would you choose?

3 Zayn dressed as a woman

If you are an avid MPer, you would know that we were secretly hoping that Zayn would play the part of a stripper named Kandy. We did not get our wish but we did get Zayn donning some female clothing and playing the role of the sexy assistant. Zayn (or Zaynita as we have named the secretary) even got close to Harry and we thought there was going to be a repeat of the 1D perfume advert. We are hoping to see a Zaynita/ Perrie fash off in the near future.

The Big Dance Scene

It’s no secret 1D can’t dance (remember Zayn in X Factor boot camp?) and we love how they have adopted the Inbetweeners’ dance. With the help of Leeroy (the camp role was played impeccably by Liam), the handsome fivesome even expanded on it. We replayed the bumshake at the end of their dance scene a lot more than we’d like to admit.

 5The video is full of GIF’s just waiting to happen

From the bumshake to the Harry-Zaynita almost-kiss, and from Niall and Liam’s (or should we say Leeroy) shoulder shimmy to Zayn’s furrowed brow, the video is overflowing with GIFs just waiting to be shared across the interweb. But then again, it wouldn’t really be a 1D vid if it wasn’t.

What’s your fave bit of the ‘Best Song Ever’ vid? You can watch it below and write down the time of your top ‘Best Song Ever’ moment in the comment box below.

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