Didn’t get a chance to watch One Direction’s interview with Grimmy? We’ve got the best bits here for you.

If we had to choose our favourite One Direction interview, the one they just did with Grimmy would be up there, so we decided to show you the best bits of it.

1. The cat’s finally out of the bag on Harry’s thigh tattoo -it’s a tiger, or you know, a thigh-ger.

2. Liam saying how he learned new words for the word ‘break’. 3. Louis doing an Irish accent and everyone loving it.

4. Harry using his talking app to be a funny little thing.

5. Liam, Niall, Louis and Nick agreeing that Harry’s mom is hot.

6. Their obvious chemistry with Nick which resulted in happy, giggly boys.

7. Harry putting his hair up in a towel turban in the interview and after he showers. 8. Niall saying he’d scream ‘Balls’ from the top of a hill, while Harry would shout ‘Willies.

9. Liam being a Harry Potter fanboy and admitting he did a ‘What’s your Hogwarts house’ test online. Of course he’d be a Gryffindor.

10. Louis and Nick getting along so well we thought they were the bestest of best friends.

If you haven’t seen it yet we strongly suggest you watch it, it’ll brighten your day and make all the pain you feel go away.

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