One Direction talked to Greg James and Alice Levine at the BBC Music Awards and it’s short and sweet

The second to last One Direction live performance before their hiatus, whelp, was at the BBC Music Awards where the boys talked to Greg James and Alice Levine and here’s what happened:


Greg James: Welcome to the BBC Music Awards One Direction how was it?

All: Really good.

Liam: Really good, great crowd. Birmingham is always good.

Alice: It’s like a homecoming gig for you.

Greg: It’s nice to finally talk to you Harry because when we did the Live Lounge we had you on an app.

Harry: I’ve still got the app if you want me to use it again.

Greg: Please don’t.


Alice: I feel like we had one job and that was to welcome One Direction and we’ve let you arrive, perform and now we are welcoming you.

Greg: I did some filming with the boys earlier for a video that we’ll be playing out later at the Music Awards. When you start a show like this do you get a bit nervous because it’s not just your show?

Liam: Yeah, there’s an amazing line up on today. Actually it’s nice to see everyone, it was very friendly backstage. It was nice I went and chatted to OMI, Hozier and Jess Glynne.

Greg: What do you chat to OMI about?

Liam: I went into studio with him a while ago and showed him some of the things that I had done and then forgot to send it to him so he asked me where was the call. I was like I’ll be in touch, I’ve been busy. He’s a lovely man.tumblr_m2hvbvyCDZ1r6bm0v

Alice: When we were talking about it not being your audience we’ve got Rod on one side and 1D on the other side. How do you play to a Rod Stewart crowd? That’s tricky.

Liam: My mum is desperate to meet him. My mum and dad are here as I’m at home. My mum was dying to meet him. I’m trying to make it happen but it’s difficult. I’m sure he’s really nice.

Greg: His dressing room is next to mine. Get your mum back stage we can make that happen.


Liam: Please don’t put my mum on the radio though she’s liable to say many things. She can’t be trusted with a microphone. She can’t be trusted in general let alone on the radio with a microphone she says some crazy stuff.

Alice: She would have to commit to a weekly feature though she can’t just do it once.

Liam: My dad would be really jealous though as he’s always on the Scott Mills show.

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