One Direction smashed their Apple Music Festival performance last night – Let’s watch it all over again.

You probably know that One Direction performed at the Apple Music Festival last night, but in case your parents decided to live in the wrong country so times didn’t work out for you or you don’t have an iTunes account, here are all the songs they performed.

They’re even in the same order as the setlist so it’ll feel like you’ve been there and if you did watch it live you’re still allowed to re-watch this and dance in front of your computer.

They started off with ‘Steal My Girl’ (Please also take note of Hazza’s Minnie Mouse look-alike shirt)

After that they decided to bless us with ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ and we honestly still don’t know where they actually go

‘Little Black Dress just walked into the room’

‘Midnight Memories’ even though it wasn’t midnight yet – get a watch boys

Well thank god the Roundhouse was ‘Fireproof’ last night, it was probably blimmin’ hot in there

Next up was Liam’s fav song to sing on stage

Breaking the dance song theme they crooned out ‘Little Things’

The lads still kept with the slow vibes and performed ‘Night Changes’

The song that always makes us tear up a bit and wish we were 18 and in love

And then we lost all control when they sang ‘No Control’ and meant it ;)

Nobody and nothing seemed to be able to drag them down that night

They also graced us with an all-time classic

Liam teased us with ‘Infinity’ but getting ‘Girl Almighty’ isn’t a bad deal either

We always love hearing them sing about the story of their life

And lastly, like always, they performed ‘Best Song Ever’

You can also still watch the whole thing on iTunes if you want the full thing or you could search for it on Youtube (but we didn’t tell you that someone was cheeky enough to put in on there)

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