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This week on Keeping Up With One Direction: What we learned from Episode 3 on Apple Music

Episode 3 of One Direction’s mini-series with Apple Music from The London Session just premiered today, and as always, just when we think we know all there is to know about the band, they surprise us. Here’s what we learned from the Niall-centric third episode.

1. The most memorable parts of award shows are what you get to eat

Niall reminds us of the time they ate hot dogs and chips while Lady Gaga sipped champagne at the MTV Video Music Awards, and when Harry peeled an orange behind Rihanna.

2. Machu Picchu made Liam feel small

To fans, he always seems larger than life, but Liam uses wonders like the Andes Mountains in Peru to keep himself grounded.

3. According to the police, there had been 10,000 people outside their hotel in Peru

But Liam had still suggested it’s a good day to go shopping.

4. They do “absolutely nothing” before a concert

They hang out in Sarah’s Kitchen and just relax until about 30-45 minutes before showtime.

5. They started out as just the five of them, a security guard, and a tour manager

Their core group now consists of the four of them, their security, their tour manager and his personal assistant, their hair and makeup artists, and production assistants—as well as the rest of the “circus,” as Niall fondly calls it.

6. The first song Julian Bunetta worked on with them was ‘C’mon C’mon’

C’mon, c’mon, that’s an awesome hat baby.

7. The play something called The Laptop Game while writing songs

As they would work on lyrics for a song, they would pass a laptop around and make changes anonymously. When they’d get the laptop after it made a full circle, things would be different, and they wouldn’t know who made what changes.

8. Julian and Liam wrote ‘Man On A Mission’ in this game style

Apparently it has a Beatles vibe.

9. Harry does not appreciate jokes about his hair being greasy

It’s just a natural sheen!

10. Tomorrow we’ll learn about the boys’ first impressions of each other

Apparently Louis and Liam didn’t get along at first, Harry thought Niall was loud, and Louis was speaking Spanish to someone on the phone.

You can watch the whole episode for yourself over at Apple Music.

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