17 times 1D and 5SOS had the ultimate bandmance

There’s no rivalry when it comes to 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. Actually the fact 1D brought 5SOS to us is a fandom blessing; we have both our rock gods and pop lords.


What’s cuter than us fangirling over both, is the two bands fangirling over each other. The bandmance is real and the feels are too, so indulge yourself in these beautiful band moments that’ll make you proud to be a Directioner and part of the 5SOS fam.

1)  When Niall joined 5SOS’s livestream and it was the happiest moment of their (and our) lives


2) When Louis became the ultimate marketing man for 5SOS

3) Harry and Michael sharing the same clothes, how about you share them with us too?


4) No tour is complete without 5SOS at Louis’ side

5) Louis having the 5SOS icon tattooed on him, ULTIMATE FRIENDSHIP GOALS


6) Remember when Michael’s hair was just pure blonde? It’s because he had to match his bae Niall

download (2)

7) 5SOS sniff Niall on a regular basis because he smells so damn good

“Niall smells amazing but it’s the same smell every time, he has a scent. It’s overwhelming. You know when Niall’s in the room. It’s some sort of musk, a cowboy musk. Ireland. Leather bound books. He smells of Guinness.”

8) The 1D poster in the background of this vine. Ashton deffo thinks of Louis when he goes to sleep

9) When 5SOS sung happy birthday to their no 1 fan Niall

10) Luke talking about 1D being their most amazing supporters

“They were massive supporters of us. Like on the tour, backstage they were always watching us on stage and being nice to us.”

11) Louis starts everyday with a special 5SOS radio station that only plays 5SOS

12) When 1D randomly burst out into ‘She Looks So Perfect’

13) Harry being a top 5SOS lyrical bantersaurus rex lol .x


14) Louis just losing it every time 5SOS come on a screen

15) Ashton gushing about his one true love, One Direction

“We aren’t trying to be anyone else, we aren’t trying to look like anyone else… 1D are secure at the top, it’s not a competition… They’ve given us everything we have – it’s an amazing thing of them to do, bring us on tour again.”

16) The time Niall was a proud mother

17) When he was the proudest mother ever

This list would literally be never ending if we could fit everything on here. The 5SOS and 1D love is too strong, we think our hearts melted when we reached the end. Is there any key bandmance moments we’ve missed out on? Tweet us @maximumpop so it can squish our hearts some more.

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