OMG! We found One Direction’s old Bebo profiles and you NEED to see them

~ < 3 my life < 3 ~

Ahhhh Bebo! Remember the days when you were having heated arguments with your best friend because they dumped you as their other half? Or when you used to take selfies with your Motorola Razr and uploading them in your ~ < 3 my life < 3 ~ photo album?

Not to mention ‘sharing the love’ with everyone you fancied in the hope they’d share their MSN deets with you.


Although we’re cringing at the (Midnight) memories right now, Bebo was literally our life in the ’00s. We spent sooo much time on it back then, and it looks like we’re not the only ones – the boys in One Direction were also devoted to the site!

OMG guys, imagine how fun it would have been sorting Niall and Harry into your top 7 friends and sharing that unlimited love on Valentine’s day? CANNOT. DEAL.

A whole load of Louis’ Bebo pictures surfaced last year and it’s safe to say they were pretty lol. He was the king of mirror selfies (weren’t we all?), and, errrr, formed an early lineup of One Direction….


Image source: Bebo

One Direction, who?!

Image source: Bebo

Nice MSN pic

Image source: Bebo

On his profile, Louis listed Akon as one of his fave artists. We’re also betting his ringtone was ‘Lonely’.

As for Niall, well when he wasn’t busy look cute as hell at a wedding and wearing those weird shutter sunglasses, he was chatting on MSN with [email protected] LOL.

Still can’t get over these glasses…

Image source: Bebo

What a cutie

Image source: Bebo

Harry, OBVIOUSLY, was too cool for Bebo. He opted for MySpace. On his profile he mentioned he liked Corrie – what else did Brit teens watch in the ’00s?!

He also mentioned that he’d LOVE to meet Superman.

So 2000s

Image source: MySpace


Image source: MySpace

Harry wasn’t the only famous face on MySpace either. Plenty of star’s old personal social media accounts have been discovered since they shot to fame. Sorry, but they had us laughing for ages – it’s nice to know they were just as cringe as us.

Here are 11 of our favourites…

Did Louis Tomlinson just suggest that One Direction’s hiatus is going to last A LOT longer than we thought?

Louis Tomlinson just admitted One Direction’s SCANDALOUS past and we’re in bits

QUIZ: Are these One Direction or The Vamps lyrics?


Image source: MySpace


Image source: MySpace

Sewing machines?!?!

Image source: MySpace

2. Lana Del Rey was also pretty goth

Image source: MySpace

She loved Britney Spears…

Image source: MySpace

3. Kendall Jenner was a horsegirl????

Image source: MySpace

4. Awwwww Perrie!

Image source: Pinterest

How sweet does she look?!

Perrie’s kept her old Bebo and MySpace profiles hidden and we can’t blame her really. But in an old interview with BBC Radio 1 she revealed her teenage crush Jessie McCartney. Omg…

5. Jesy looks completely different…

Image source: Myspace

Apparently she marked the end of her teens with a caterpillar cake. What a way to party!

6. What’s with everyone being pimps?!

Image source: MySpace

Katy Perry loves garage sales btw….

Image source: MySpace

7. Selena Gomez was MySpace perfection!

Image source: MySpace

All her photobooth selfies were pure fire.

Image source: MySpace

8. Demi Lovato’s were too!

Image source: MySpace


Image source: MySpace

9. And for the actual lols…

Image source: MySpace

Obviously we can’t forget our old pal, Tom. Have you ever casted your mind back to the MySpace days and wondered what he’s up to now?


Did you prefer Bebo or MySpace? Let us know in the comments below!

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