OMG! Remember Brum? You won’t believe what happened to him

Did Brum end up on the proverbial or physical scrapheap of life?

The internet is flooded with nostalgia posts about our favourite childhood cartoons, films and music.

We confess to trawling the internet for articles about what our favourite Harry Potter actors look like now, stalking our favourite childhood actors, seeing if we remember the lyrics to the theme tune to ‘iCarly’, ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Victorious’. OK, this is getting kind of embarrassing now, but you get what we mean.

LazyTown’s Stephanie is all grown up and you won’t believe what she looks like now

Can you remember the film these minor Disney character are from? 

But one question we can’t believe nobody has asked is what happened to our favourite naughty little car replica which came to life and went on adventures when nobody was looking!?

We’re actually welling up we’re so emotional with nostalgia right now.

‘Brum’ ran for a really long time between 1992 and 2002, but after that the main star disappeared, but we have a few theories as to what happened to him…

1. He joined the cast of ‘Toy Story’

Tired with his rusty old aesthetic, Brum got an extreme make over and turned into Lightning McQueen for his debut full length feature film role. Talk about a transformation.

2. He’s a transformer

He may have looked cute, but we always knew that Brum liked to play on the wild side. Once his role as Brum was over he had collected enough intelligence about us pathetic humans and went off to inform his evil transformer buddies. Expect reprisals any day now.

3. He got collected by Al

Woody and the gang may have escaped his clutches, but Al was still out there at the end of ‘Toy Story 2’. Poor sweet innocent Brum may have been picked up by him in a yard sale and doomed to spend forever behind glass. Our hearts are breaking.

4. Or even worse! He was recycled

An out of work actor is something no-one can abide so it could be that little Brummy ended up on both the proverbial and physical scrapheap of life.

He could have been melted down and turned into another form. HE COULD BE IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW….




OMG make it stop, make it stop.

5. Or maybe, just maybe he found a loving owner who will take care of him

Despite everything, something in our hearts tells us that Brum found himself an Andy with a collection of toy cars who he can play with forever.

Well the truth is that Brum has now found a loving home in the Cotswold Motoring Museum where the series was partially filmed. Just take a look at how adorable he is.

Will you be going to visit Brum? How happy does it make you that he has found a good home? Let us know in the comments.

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