OMG, Harley Quinn’s makeup won an Oscar! Here’s 13 looks that should also win one…

Zoella needs to get herself to the Oscars 2018. STAT.

Okay, we’re gonna go ahead and call it – Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn was the QUEEN of Halloween 2016. Those multi-coloured pigtails? Her shorts? Forget about the HM, Harleybee was regal on a whole new level (sorry Liz, we love you really, hun).

After all, you probably definitely know at least one person who channeled their inner-Quinn on October 31. If you don’t, you probably are that person…even if you didn’t realise yourself.

This is all going a bit Harley, isn’t it.

But the thing is, we’re not the only ones who thought Suicide Squad’s Harley costume absolutely SLAYED. The fancy film critics at the Oscars 2017 are also apparently on our wavelength, because the film took home the award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. YAAASSSSS.

Crack out the Capri Suns, folks – we’re due one massive celebration.

YASSSSSS SKWAD @suicidesquadmovie #giorgiogregorini #AlessandroBertolazzi #ChristopherAllenNelson

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To be honest, we wouldn’t have expected anything else. Jared Leto really is the only man who can pull off lime green hair…well, maybe him and James Arthur (he could pull off anything and don’t even try to fight with us on that).

And as for Cara Delevinge’s whole getup as the Enchantress? OMG.

In fact, Cara was so overwhelmed with her SS look, she even took to Instagram to thank the masterminds – Giorgio Gregorini, Alessandro Bertolazzi and Christopher Allen Nelson – behind it.

It was the team’s first Academy Award, and, with skills like that, it sure won’t be their last. Badass beauty ftw.

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Of course, the Suicide Squad-win got the team thinking about other hair and makeup looks that are totally Oscar-worthy.

Like, you know… the whole of Little Mix? Seriously guys, those girls need to give their agents a call and demand a film role just to win one or something. All of their hairstyles are absolute goals.

Here are a few others…

1. Emma Watson

Umm… that gown? Her hair? Emma Watson is making all our childhood dreams come true with her incredible portrayal of Belle.

2. Lady Gaga

The singer was stunning in American Horror Story: Hotel. Imagine how gorgeous her makeup and hair would be for a major movie. All hail, Lady Gaga!

3. Zoella

Zoe’s always so down to earth and honest about her beauty regime. How refreshing would that be in a movie? Someone give this girl a film role ASAP.

4. Camilla Cabello

It should be illegal to be THIS gorgeous.

5. Little Mix

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Just because…

6. Emma Stone

We’re STILL obsessing over Emma Stone’s vintage hair and makeup in La La Land. She’s an all-round stunner!

7. Harry Styles

FFS! Harry’s hair just deserves an Oscar, okay?!

8. Louisa Johnson

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Ugh… her unicorn hair is so lush.

9. Beyoncé

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Queen B deserves every award imaginable.

10. Ariana Grande

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We refuse to believe that Ariana has bad hair days.

11. Selena Gomez

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She scared us half to death AND still looked incredible.

12. James Charles

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We’re all about breaking gender norms.

13. Millie Bobby Brown

Why be a ten when you can be an eleven?

Whose hair and makeup are you crushing on at the minute? Reckon it should win an Oscar? Let us know in the comments below. 

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