OMFG! We just proved that ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ are LITERALLY the same show and it’s creepin’ us out


‘Riverdale’ is essentially ruling our lives right now. Waiting for Netflix to release the next episode each week is PAINFUL. And we don’t mind admitting that we basically ship every character with every character (although Bughead and Beronica are constantly fighting a war in our hearts).

But have you ever noticed how similar it actually is to our old fave ‘Gossip Girl’? No, seriously.

1. Betty is Serena

Look at them. The blonde, peppy friend who does have a history with mental health issues. Betty is trying to prove her sister isn’t the fruit loop Riverdale thinks she is. And we’ve watched Serena’s brother Eric check in and out of the Ostroff Centre. (We luff them both so much though. Truth.)

Plus, they’ve both been gaga over these guys:

2. Archie is Nate

Relationships with an older woman? Hello?! Remember those awkward episodes where Nate was having an affair with a married women. Oof.

Still, both are strong, conventionally good looking dudes. Both very boy-next-door. And look at those brows! They’re essentially twins.

3. Jughead is Dan

The outsider. The narrator. And it makes even MORE sense if you know the big plot twist at the end of ‘Gossip Girl’. You’ll find no spoilers here, but we would urge you to go binge watch every single episode. AND THEN YOU’LL KNOW!

Then there’s the whole tortured writer thing they’ve got working for them.

Plus, Dan/Jughead have a thing for Serena/Betty. Whaaaat?! It’s just getting weirder.

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4. Cheryl is Chuck

Oh, Chuck. No one could ever completely compare to you. But Cheryl comes very close. She’s like the female version of him, at least. Hot, rich, domestic unrest, family tragedy. And the family name means a lot if you’re a Blossom or a Bass:

Chuck and Blair are THE PERFECT power couple, and we’re not gonna lie, we would ship Cheryl and Veronica because why not?

They obviously have a connection:

5. Veronica is Blair

It’s the big one. The one that you just cannot ignore. We all wanted to either BE Blair or have her as our BFF, and in Veronica we find much the same sassy qualities. Single mother (for the most part), used to a lavish lifestyle, both reference Audrey Hepburn:

They have THE BEST lines in their respective shows too. They’re so similar while being so awesome, that we reckon you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Try it!

Can you tell the difference between Blair Waldorf and Veronica Lodge?

How did you do? Are you are freaked out by these similarities as we are? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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