What can we expect from Olly Murs’ video for ‘Oh My Goodness’?

Olly Murs is set to premiere his brand new music video for single ‘Oh My Goodness’ later today – and we know plenty of you are dying to know what’s going to happen after seeing the mysterious trailer. Lucky for you lot, we’ve got 5 things you can expect from the video below: MP!, keeping you in the know since January 2012.

1The video is basically a massive advert for the brand new Westfield in Stratford, London. Most pop stars dream of being whisked off to a private island to film, but not Olly! “I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in a shopping centre.”

2The storyline? Olly spends the entire video running a marathon through the shopping centre, chasing after some girl he’s got his eyes on. “Basically the whole point of the video is that I wanna give her my number.”

3With all that running, you can expect to see copious amounts of sweat, and even some serious Brad Pitt-face when Olly bursts through a rack of clothes – nothing can stand in his way!

Olly reckons he cut his finger on a plate when filming one scene, where he accidentally knocks them out of a waiter’s hands. We love it when pop stars do their own stunts.

5Spoiler alert: At the end of the video, Olly finally catches up to the girl of his dreams – but now that he’s so out of breath, will he get a chance to woo her? you’ll have to watch the full thing when it premieres today…

Watch the behind the scenes of the ‘Oh My Goodness’ video below.

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