Olly Murs Vs Cauliflower

What with Olly Murs’ hotly anticipated UK Tour underway and his newest single ‘Army of Two’ freshly released and with hot cauliflower fresh off our plates… we thought it was time for another ‘Pop Star Versus A Vegetable’ (said in booming X Factor Man’s voice).


Olly Murs is very popular.  He finished second in the X Factor in 2009 as well as hosting the Xtra Factor for the last two years, and everyone we know is crossing their fingers and toes that he’s doing it again this year.  He’s currently touring around the UK, even playing the o2 arena, has had three multi platinum albums and four number 1 singles.  He has also toured with One Direction and Robbie Williams.  Need we continue? 

Cauliflower is not very popular, particularly with people under the age 16.

Olly 1, Cauliflower 0  

Full Name

Olly’s full name is Oliver Stanley Murs, which is quite a sexy name.

Cauliflower’s full name is Brassica Oleracea, which is not a cool name, not even the Beckham’s would call their child that.

Olly 1, Cauliflower 0  


Olly is part of the ‘Murs’ Family.  His mum’s name is Vicky and his dad’s name is Peter.  He has sister called Fay and a twin brother called Ben, who he doesn’t really talk to.

Cauliflower is part of the ‘Cole’ crop- but unfortunately is no relation to Cheryl.  However, it is in the same family as brussel sprouts, broccoli  mustard, turnip, watercress and kale, which is pretty impressive for a vegetable.

Olly 0, Cauliflower 1  


Olly Murs is considered quite a handsome celebrity and has left many girls swooning with his cheeky grin. 

Let’s be honest, cauliflower is a very unattractive vegetable.

Olly 1, Cauliflower 0  

Health Benefits

Listening to Olly Murs’ music is scientifically proven to make you dance and improves fitness- ok, it’s not really scientifically proven, but who can resist a shimmy when ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ comes on?

Cauliflower contains vitamins C and B6, as well as folate.  These are all very good for you.

Olly 0, Cauliflower 1  


Olly Murs came second in the X Factor and has sold out tours across the UK and Ireland, so of course he’s talented.

If cauliflower was to enter X Factor, it would get a ‘Sorry it’s a no, pet’ from Chezza and probably be told he reminded Louis Walsh of “a young stalk of broccoli”.

Olly 1, Cauliflower 0  


Sadly, there is only one Olly Murs- unless you count the ‘Army of Two’ video which has several.

There are three types of cauliflower: white cauliflower, broccoflower and the purple headed cauliflower.

Olly 0, Cauliflower 1  

Final Score: Olly 4, Cauliflower 3

Fortunately, Olly was able to beat cauli in our vote winning 92% of the vote. Well done everyone!

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