11 moments from Olly Murs’ BST Hyde Park gig that 100% changed our lives

After all the excitement of Olly Murs announcing a radio tour for his hot new single, we headed down to his gig at Hyde Park, along with our photographer Tom Leishman, and it TOTALLY changed our lives.


We didn’t want you guys to miss out on all the fun, though, so we’ve rounded up 11 awesome moments that you 100% must see:

1. Hearing the first ever UK performance of his new single ‘You Don’t Know Love’

We may not know what love is, but we know a good hit when we hear one. Our ears were truly blessed.

2. When the Murs Army ALMOST persuaded him to take his shirt off


“If I take it off, you take it off.” Deal.

3. The moment he revealed he’s single and gave hope to us all


“Hook me up on Tinder” Oh trust us, Olly, all 65,000 of us are already swiping trying to find you.

4. Witnessing the magic of an Olly Murs and Ella Eyre duet

Life = complete.

5. Followed by the awkwardness of Olly trying to chat her up


“Pretty fit ain’t she?” AWKS. It’s alright ’cause he saved himself by saying “But not as fit as you lot.”

6. When he encouraged everyone to give the person next to them a hug before ‘Dear Darlin’



7. This cheeky bum wiggle right here

It was totally directed at us.

8. Which resulted in him announcing ‘MUM, I’VE RIPPED MY TROUSERS!’ to the world


Oh, Olly. It was worth it tho, right?

9. When he performed the greatest Gary Barlow impression of all time

“Absolutely fantastic.” We don’t have a video, but you’re going to have to trust us on this one.

10. Showing off his epic dance moves during a cover of ‘Uptown Funk’

We didn’t think that song could get better, but we were wrong. So terribly wrong.

11. Finally, finishing his set by giving the best advice ever


“Stay cheeky and keep smiling.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Were you lucky enough to be at Olly’s Hyde Park gig? Let us know what you thought with a tweet to @maximumpop.

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