MP! meets Ollie Marland: The Big Interview

You’re currently on tour with Union J. What’s the naughtiest thing you boys have got up to on tour?
I think we’ve been quite good, I have a few pranks up my sleeve at the moment though, I’m waiting to carry them out!

How do you feel when girls on Twitter tell you they love you on a daily basis?
I think it’s touching that someone can look up to me and have the confidence to tell me something like that, so i think it’s cool.

Ollie and a fan
Ollie and a fan

Would you date a fan?
I think that if you like someone or fall in love with someone then it can happen, so yes i guess i would if i really liked the person.

Where do you draw inspiration for writing songs?
I sing voice notes into my phone, and write ideas in the notes app on my iPhone. I get ideas all the time, some are good and can inspire a song, and some can be complete rubbish, but i keep them all because you never know! It’s really handy because I can take my phone with me everywhere. I do get some funny looks singing into my phone on the train sometimes though.

Has being famous tempted you to do anything crazy, like buy a pet monkey like Bieber?
I really want a dog, a French Bulldog they’re so cool!

How many selfies do you think you take in an average week?
Umm… i used to be really bad but I stopped taking as many so I didn’t look vain. But theres nothing wrong with a selfie! I’d say about 5 or 6.

You toured with Jessie J last year – if you had to write a song about the experience, what would the opening line be?
I don’t know, maybe how sexy, beautiful and great she is? she’s so hot…

You’re on Celebrity Come Dine With Me – who would you like the other contestants to be and what would you cook?
David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Cheryl Cole, just because they’re two of my idols and I really fancy Cheryl.

MP! is famous for it’s pop star nipple shots, care to share a snap from your private collection?
I haven’t got one, you’ll have to catch me one time soon and i’ll let you take a peak haha.

Finally, why are you the next big thing? [the promotional bit]
I think that I have grown up listening to the best people… MJ, JT etc and have taken on board things from then and I’m willing to work hard. I don’t think that anyone my age is doing the style of music I’m doing either. At the end of the day I’m willing to work as hard as I can to be the best I can be.

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