This is what 5SOS, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes will look like in 40 years

It’s scary to think in 40 years all our faves will mostly be 60+ years old and we’ll be sat at home in our rockers still reading up fan fiction about them. Niam forever.


Using the Oldify 2 app, we went to town on our top pop stars to see what they’d all look like in 40 years. You’ll be surprised how similar they all are. They could so be related!

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Biebs look like this after being roasted out of this world by Beliebers.


5SOS would still be the hottest pop-punk-rock band ever, admit it.


We can imagine Selena still killing people with kindness with that face. #grandmagoals


Dangerous woman alert! Ari still killing it at 63 years old.


Demi is one spicy grandma. Adopt us pls.image9
It’s 2056 and Halsey is still giving us news worthy performances at the VMAs.image10
Nick has now retired and has a side of bacon with every meal.image11
This is one grandpa we’d happily marry. Hit us up Shawn.


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