Join Robbie Boyd on a tropical island adventure in Okinawa

Okinawa is probably the best place name we’ve ever heard apart from Uranus and that’s for obvious reasons. Okinawa is one of Asia’s hottest travel destinations and a well kept secret amongst travellers.

Seven experts with pretty damn cool jobs who were all (surprise surprise) from seven different countries were hand-picked to visit this stunning tropical location to help share its secrets with the rest of the world.

We catch up with Robbie Boyd, a British singer-songwriter from London. He’s supported acts such as The Kooks, Johnny Flynn and The Feeling.

Robbie’s lyrical inspiration comes from many hours spent busking on the streets of London, Paris, Cologne and Buenos Aires – he’s definitely not afraid of travelling.

When Robbie arrive in Okinawa he’s being introduced to the sanshin, a traditional three stringed instrument made out of snakeskin and wood to see if he can master that too.

We kinda wish we could fly out to these tropical places, if you need pop experts look no further. In this stunning episode Robbie meets Mir Gibo a sanshin musician where he tries to make his very own snakeskin covered instrument, it’s not as easy as it looks, is it?! Robbie’s challenge is to compose and perform an original song about Okinawa for the group – whilst also getting a tan.

What do you think of the finished tune? We’re loving it.

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