QUIZ: Get ready for ‘OITNB’ Season 4 with our tricky trivia quiz. How well do you know the story so far?

If you aren’t religiously counting down the days for the Season 4 premier of ‘Orange is the New Black‘… 1) What is wrong with you? and 2) FYI, it’s back on Friday and we cannot believe how fast it has come around. Yes, that’s right — ‘Orange is the New Black’ is hitting our Netflix screens so soon and we can hardly wait.


To celebrate this absolutely uh-mazing series returning, we thought we’d jog your memories on what’s gone down over the last three seasons in the form of a fun and seriously educational quiz.

We would love to know how you fared in this quiz, so hit us up over @maximumpop and let’s see how much of a fan you really are of ‘OITNB’.

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