#OhNoHarrysHair, uh oh what’s happened to Harry’s long locks?

There’s another 1D twitter trend, oh God what’s happening now? It’s called #OhNoHarrysHair, even bigger. Turns out, all the Directioners are just bored and wanted to have some fun with Harry Styles‘ hair! Don’t worry, his locks are safe on his head. We’ve created a list of our fave creations, they gave us a right chuckle.

  1. The Kylie Jenner

2. The Horrifying Rapunzel

3. The Blonde Harry (We actually kinda dig this)

4. The Traumatising BALD Look.

5. Lastly, The Ultimate Horror. Tbh, we imagined all these when we saw the tag.

Got anymore you’d like to share with us? Tweet them over to @maximumpop so we can have some more chuckles.

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