OH LORDE! How well do you know the lyrics to Lorde’s ‘Green Light’?

We give thanks for what we are about to receive

The queen is back by popular demand and we all kneel before her greatness.

You remember Lorde? The singer who gave us this moment…

Yeah we thought you’d remember that.

Well, she only just went and released the lead single from her new album ‘Melodrama’ today and it’s bloody shaken us to our core already! Who is this new Lorde?

She even graciously dropped a vid for the track at the same time. YAS LORDE!

We are pleased to announce that Lorde’s comeback single, ‘Green Light’, is a genuine, scream-out-at-the-top-of-your-lungs BANGER! So much so that we have been flipping out singing along to it in the most melodramatic fashion ever since it dropped. Here is actual footage of us dancing to it if you’re into that kinda thing…

That’s quite enough of that thanks.

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of stuff about about green light in ‘Green Light’ and we’re not quite sure what she’s referring to, but we have a few theories:

1. She’s obsessed with Voldemort

Lorde is a bit of a kook so it wouldn’t surprise us if she got her kicks from watching old Voldy do some avada kedavra hocus pocus and decided to write a song about it…

2. She regrets never getting a DUI

“I’m waiting for it, that green light”. She’s finally come to the conclusion that sometimes you’ve just got to run a red.

3. She is colourblind

A lot of colourblind people can’t see green so perhaps she’s singing about their woes.

All good theories. All good theories.

But here’s the real lowdown on the subject matter of the song from Lorde’s interview with ZM Radio:

“The song is actually about a heartbreak. And it’s not something that I really am used to writing about. It took me a while to be able to figure out how to write about that. It was my first major heartbreak. And the song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes and about all the silly little things that you gravitate towards. I say, ‘She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a liar.’ What the f–k, she thinks you like the beach?! You don’t like the beach! It’s those little stupid things. It sounds so happy and then the lyrics are so intense obviously. And I realized I was like, ‘How come this thing is coming out so joyous sounding?’ And I realized this is that drunk girl at the party dancing around crying about her ex boyfriend who everyone thinks is a mess. That’s her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild. And that’s the song for me.” (Source: Billboard)

We don’t buy it, it’s definitely Voldemort. You must not tell lies, Lorde.

While we go seek the truth, why don’t you test how well you know the lyrics already.

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