Night School Resistance: Pop playlist, which pop star would play your favourite characters?

This month we’ve been chatting about all things Night School, premiering the new book trailer, interviewing the author, dream casting the movie and loads more.

We’ve got our resident book worm to merge two things we love, books and pop! Which pop star do you think would play who in the ‘Night School’ series?



The first person who came to mind when we were thinking of a pop star to represent Allie was Katy Perry! They’re both feisty independent gals and here at MP! we love them both.

Carter West


This one was an easy one for us to cast, it had to be Austin Mahone. With his dark features he can also pull a moody look like Carter West. Pass me a napkin, I’m drooling oooof!



Brace yourselves for this, we think Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer is ideal for the part. He seems like an action packed, fun loving guy, also he can always change his hair colour as some girls thick Sylvain is blonde and others think his hair is dark. Hmmm no mention of green then?



For those of you who haven’t read the ‘Night School’ series, shame on you. Nathaniel is a bit of a bad boy, and we all know how much we like a bad boy. We’ve cast Louis Tomlinson from One Direction as our Nathaniel, another very good reason for us all to drool over him.

Rachel Patel


Rachel is a bit of a workaholic, always has her head in her books. We think Shereen from Neon Jungle would work well as this character, any other ideas MP!ers?



Zoe is like a little bird she’s nimble on her toes but as strong as an ox. We’re casting Ariana Grande for this role, she’s already proved she can act, she’s gorgeous and we think she fits the bill nicely.

What do you think? Who would you cast as the ‘Night School’ characters?

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