Rosalind Jana’s ‘Notes on Being Teenage’ is your next TBR addition because of boobs, blogging and big problems solved

It’s about time that there was a really good, down to earth, savvy (and sassy) teen advice books. And Rosalind Jana’s ‘Notes on Being Teenage’ really does tick all the boxes.

pitch perfect

We’ve listed some of the reasons why you need to add this to your TBR right of the now.

1. There’s a chapter called ‘And so it began… with boobs’. Sold.


2. The book includes interviews with authors, vloggers, and other industry professionals, offering a cool second perspective and also a bit of an insight into different jobs. Neat!

pitch perfect

3. It looks at teen mental health in a balanced, carefully sourced and intelligent way.

pitch perfect

4. The advice is useful for everyone. Sure, if you’re a teen then it’s most relevant to you, but it’s the kind of evergreen advice that you can keep coming back to when you forget yourself.

pitch perfect


5. Rosalind Jana is a total boss lady. Don’t believe us? We wrote all about her badassery right here.

pitch perfect

6. It’ll make you feel good. Reassured. Supported. And that it’s totally normal to feel un-normal.

pitch perfect

Have we convinced you to stick this on your TBR? Great! You can get your copy right here.

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