Top 10 quotes from ‘Not If I See You First’: “I’ve heard that lying gets easier. Not for me.”

Not If I See You First‘Not If I See You First’ is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite book of 2016 so far. And if it isn’t because of the fab cast of characters, including prickly protagonist, Parker, or its representation of disability in YA, it might have something to do with Eric Lindstrom’s writing.

To convince you of how wonderfully written this book is, check out ten of our favourite quotes we found while reading:

“…I can’t explain this without feeling it all over again, like it’s happening right now. The suffocating panic of trusting someone so completely, drinking them in, and having it suddenly turn to burning hot poison.”

“I dimly remember how the moon and stars and streetlights keep everything from being as completely dark as it looks to me now.”

“I’m thinking I must be crazy but if I could see, I’d be the one taking the chance, leaning in to kiss, hoping it’s not too soon.”

“I push forward and lightly kiss his lips. Again. God, it’s like being cold and blowing into hot cocoa and feeling warmth waft over your face, then sipping it and the warmth spreads to your cheeks and down into your chest, lower and lower, filling you.”

“I’ve heard that lying gets easier. Not for me.”

“That’s what love is, Marissa. It’s not magic or voodoo. It’s real. You can explain it.”

“Us getting together was like a kid getting to be an astronaut. Not when he grows up, but right now, today, pack your suitcase, you’re getting on a plane to NASA.”

“”Truth isn’t happiness; it’s just truth.””

“It’s a common belief that losing your sight heightens your other senses, and it’s true, but not by magnifying them. It just gets rid of the overwhelming distraction of seeing everything all the time.”

“The beauty of that day, at the time, wasn’t just what happened, it was what it meant.”

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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