Will One Direction live on forever? Normani from Fifth Harmony certainly seems to think so…

There’s still a lot of speculation over this One Direction break (YES, IT’S JUST A BREAK!) isn’t there? Some people are sure they’ll be back, others have theories that they won’t be. Who knows what will happen come March 2016?

But Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony seems to think that whether the boys come back or not, they’ll never truly not be around as they will “live on forever.” She said it guys, Normani thinks that One Direction are immortal.

“Honestly I feel like they’ll live on forever. They’re like a sea. There comes a point in careers where people just want to be happy. We support happiness,” she said.

But what does Camila think of this whole hiatus business? She totally understands and things it’s a good thing.

“When a group is put together like that, manufactured, it’s a hard creatively to find something you agree with. They’re just like us. I imagine they all came in with different tastes in music, different ideas on what they want the group to be like. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made,” she told The Metro.

What do you make of it all? Are One Direction immortal? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter at @maximumpop.

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