Normani joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’! Here’s all the dance moves we’ll be looking out for

Normani Kor-DAMN GURRRL!

Never has a star shone brighter than Normani.

Not only is she 1/4 of fierce, chart-conquering girl group Fifth Harmony, but she also has proved her singing chops on several absolutely mind-boggling mash-up covers of songs by Drake and Solange.

But it looks like we’ll have to wait a while before we get another mash-up from Mani because we have a feeling she’s going to be very, very busy over the next couple of months.

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It has been confirmed that Normani will be appearing on the 24th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, which is America’s version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

It’s possibly the campest show on TV with glitz, glamour, amazing costumes and fabulous dancing. Fifth Harmony will have prepared Normani well.

The show will premiere on 20th March which also coincides with Fifth Harmony touring in Asia while writing and recording #5H3, which will mean that Normani’s partner will be flying out to train with her.

It’s going to be so good to see our gal on prime time TV. We can’t wait to see the moves she’s going to whip out. Mani, if you’re reading this here’s some inspiration for you:

1. Twerk for your LIFE

One does not simply learn to twerk like Mani, it’s an innate talent. We sure hope she plays to this strength on the dancefloor.

2. Channel your Beyonce

We know Mani loves to pretend to be Bey on stage. She certainly has the fierceness nailed down so we can’t wait to see her channel that into a cheeky cha-cha-cha.

3. Draw on that smooth New Orleans vibe

Normani was raised in The Big Easy so we’d love to see her use that smooth southern style to blow away the competition.

4. Do a left-shark

We can see her in a glittery costume writing her very own shark’s tale.

Got some advice for Normani ahead of her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ debut? Let her know in the comments.

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