Here’s why Normani’s comments about the #BlackLivesMatter movement are so important

By now, you’ve probably all heard of the recent horrific events happening across America. More recently, two individuals have raised many concerns about police brutality and the use of force against black people, particularly in the US.

Last week, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were both shot and killed in separate incidents of unnecessary excessive force from the Police, sparking many silent protests and a wave of shock, sadness fear and determination.


While many pop stars and celebrities have voiced their support and opinions for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it was NormanI Kordei’s comments in a Twitter post that particularly struck us among the many tributes.

It’s a strikingly strong yet heartbreaking message from a young woman of colour, scared for not only her own safety, but the safety of her family, friends and the millions of other young black men & woman who have to face walking the streets of America, not knowing what can happen in a moments notice.

But Normani also made it clear that this not an issue for black people alone, writing:

“I also believe that those who are non black should take action and be vocal about these tragedies taking place regardless of fear.”

She also used her time to call out US President candidate Donald Trump for his recent comments on immigrants and those of ethnic backgrounds.

“Donald Trump, the man that wants to be our President and run the free world can take it upon himself to go on social media and make offensive comments about every minority group, but remain silent about something as important as this.”

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Thank you, Normani! We applaud you and your efforts. Thank you for speaking out on such an important topic for all of us.


Please, do take a moment to read Normani’s message and remember that #BlackLivesMatter too.

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