Noodlerella’s Top Three Tips for self-care and looking after yourself

Admit it. Sometimes you go a little hard and you need a little TLC. Well our fabulous Disney-fangirl and YouTube sensation, 22-year-old Connie Glynn a.k.a Noodlerella, has shared her three top tips to for self care and looking after yourself. This will help keep your head above the water (which should be coloured pink with a bath bomb 😉). Enjoy!

Hey everyone, it’s Connie aka Noodlerella!

So this week I got back from LA and have just… crashed. I’d love to be one of those people who can just go non-stop from one adventure to the next but sadly I am not one of those people. I was meant to go to a concert on the Friday after I returned but I could barely keep my eyes open these last few days I have been exhausted.

Which means no crazy adventures this week BUT strangely enough, Tyler Oakley posted a video this week on his ‘self care’ tips which was very spooky timing as it’s just what I needed. So I thought I’d use this space this week to talk to you guys about looking after yourselves. Obviously it’s fun to go out with friends and to parties etc. but sometimes we need to remember to have a bit chill time with ourselves soooooo…

This is Noodlerella’s Three Tips for self-care and looking after yourself:

1) RELAX!!

Everyone has different ways of relaxing. My absolute fav thing to do is have a reeeaaaally hot bath. Seriously I love baths so much I’ve become a bit of a bath connoisseur. Bath bombs are such a simple way of making a bath more relaxing my personal favourite bath bombs are from ‘Lush’.  My fav is ‘Sex Bomb’ which has little petals in it and turns your water bright pink. Also, their new one ‘Golden Slumbers’ smells like lavender and HONESTLY it’s like taking a bath in molten gold. It’s gorgeous!

pic 1
‘Lush’s’ ‘Sex Bomb’ bath bomb. SO PINK!!


Pick something you know always lightens your mood. Reading your favourite book. Watching your favourite film. Sewing. Baking. ANYTHING! For me, one thing that I can guarantee will put me in a good mood is playing with my dog Milly. I love her so much. She’s so funny and cute and her fur is SO SOFT. Seriously I wish you could feel it. It’s like cuddling a cloud. She’s been getting very spoiled this week with cuddles…

pic 2
Milly kisses!!!!!!!!!!


OK this one is soooo obvious, but it’s obvious BECAUSE it always works. I’m lucky that basically all food is my favourite food. Give me and avocado or a mango or even a peanut butter sandwich and I’ll be happy all day. Eating your fav foods releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy, so it’s happy for your brain and your tummy!!!

pic 3
A classic veggie breakfast will always be one of my favs

OK so those are some of my little methods for chilling out and taking care of myself. Hope you guys are all having a lovely relaxing week. Take care of yourselves.

Lots of love

Noodlerella xoxo

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