About to be a ‘Fresher’? Recent graduate and YouTuber Noodlerella spills the tea on uni life

NOOOOOOO!!! MP! is crying pink tears because our six week column series from Noodlerella is coming to an end.  It’s been a beautiful ride, with Noodlerella giving us the lowdown on how to take care of ourselves, introducing us to the L.A. lifestyle and taking us to Vidcon, to name but a few of her adventures. But all good things must come to an end and here we are at Noodlerella’s university graduation ceremony. Tissues at the ready.

Hey guys it’s Connie here aka Noodlerella and this week we’re ending on a super high note as yesterday I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Three years of deadlines, writing and 9AM seminars and now I have a shiny little piece of paper to justify all the suffering… lol. But seriously, university has been such an incredible experience for me and even knowing I’d end up being a YouTuber I’d 100% go back and do it all again. PLUS YOU GET TO WEAR A SILLY HAT WHEN YOU GRADUATE.

photo 1

(Noodle feat. silly hat)

I know a lot of people have been slightly put off attending university recently, which is such a shame as it really is an experience like no other, so I’m gonna throw at you guys three reasons why university is great.


I cannot stress this enough, for a lot of people, university is the first time they live away from their parents and I can promise you, no matter how cool they act, everyone in Freshers’ Week is a little nervous about it. In the end you’ll find you can’t imagine it any other way. The freedom to make decisions for yourself (even a few bad ones) is so refreshing and you’ll learn so much.

2) Studying something you LOVE!

If you DO decide to go to university (which of course I highly recommend) then make sure you pick a subject you love and that excites and inspires you. I took a year out after my A Levels before applying to uni so I could figure out exactly what I was passionate about. For me that ended up being Film. Being able to study something I loved for a whole three years surrounded by other passionate people was an experience I will always cherish.

3) FRANDS!!!

OK I mean this in the sincerest and cheesiest way possible. I made some of the best friends I will ever have at university and I would honestly go back and do the whole degree again just for them alone. I honestly hope more than anything that you guys will also find friends like these at university. I’m sure you will, they’re just waiting to meet you 😃

photo 2

(and then you get to graduate with them)

Okey pokey so those are my three main reasons I loved university. Some of you will be getting ready for your first year there now so GOOD LUCK YOU WILL HAVE AN AMAZING TIME I PROMISE!!!!

And I will see you all soon. Lot’s of love.

From Noodle

Thanks Noodlerella! We’ve loved your columns and we’re looking forward to hearing more about your crazy adventures in the future. WE LOVE YOU! Tweet us @maximumpop if you’ve loved Noodle’s column series for MP!

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