Sophia shares her thoughts on Non Pratt’s ‘Remix’, ‘everybody should pick up this book’.

Sophie from Broke From Books shares her thoughts on Non Pratt’s second YA novel ‘Remix’. THREE days. TWO best mates. ONE music festival. ZERO chance of everything working out…

SophiaName: Sophia


What is your dream festival line up? 
Absolutely anything with Taylor swift. Oh.. And of course Beyoncé too! But I’d also like the SkyFires there too!


Can you tell us the plot of ‘Remix’ in a Tweet please?
A campfire festival cocktail of: love, sex, lies, betrayal, hurt, music and friendship.

Remix_book sleeveWould the cover make you pick up the book in a shop?
Definitely I love the Yellow (so many spines of books on my shelf are black)  I’ve been wanting to read Non Pratt for ages! The front cover captures the festival theme and the back cover/spine is my fave back cover ever!

Did you feel like you could relate to Kaz and Ruby’s friendship?
Completely. I had a friendship like that and it’s honestly great to have a friendship so close. Although I like to think I wasn’t as jealous as Ruby. I can relate too Kaz and Ruby in different ways. I think the indestructible nature is definitely something I personally would love to have too. #friendshipgoals

Have you read anything by Non Pratt before?
Nope but I’ve purchased ‘Trouble’ so I’ll be reading that soon.

What was the best bit?
Ooh there’s so much I liked that’s difficult. (Trying to omit spoilers). Here’s some of my favourites:

1)The references to csi and Luther about Kaz’s mum-made me laugh a lot!

2) Non’s honest and realistic perspective of teenagers.

3) The endless nicknames everyone (especially Lee) has for Ruby!-Rubix Pube was probably top!

Was there anything you didn’t like?
Erm… This is difficult I loved the book… maybe the ending cause I’m super curious as to what happened past the festival… But the end two paragraphs were the best conclusion there could be.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
If you’re going to a festival, have a friend, like summer, or not… Scrap that just everybody pick this up it’s such a great story of friendship and so much more!

Click here to buy Non Pratt’s ‘Remix’ for £5.99.

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