MP!er Sofia reviews Non Pratt’s ‘Remix’ ‘I wish this book was longer!’

Sofia from The Reading Fangirl shares her thoughts on Non Pratt’s second YA novel ‘Remix’. THREE days. TWO best mates. ONE music festival. ZERO chance of everything working out…

Name: Sofia

Age: 16

What is your dream festival line up? Hmm I’m not sure! Definitely McBusted and then probably Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons and The Fray. But I like a lot of different types of music and those are just the first ones that come to mind!

Can you tell us the plot of ‘Remix’ in a Tweet please?  Two best friends go to a music festival to get over their heartbreak but it doesn’t go to plan.

Remix_book sleeveWould the cover make you pick up the book in a shop? Definitely. It’s so different and unique and it represents the book perfectly.

Did you feel like you could relate to Kaz and Ruby’s friendship? I’m not quite sure. I’ve never had a friendship like theirs as I have never had a best friend who I am that close to. However there were parts of their relationship that did seem quite similar.

Have you read anything by Non Pratt before? I read her debut novel, ‘Trouble’ earlier this year and I loved it but I actually preferred ‘Remix’ to ‘Trouble’.

What was the best bit? I loved the fact that the book was mainly about friendship compared to being about a relationship which is something you don’t see often in YA.

Was there anything you didn’t like? Not really no. I wish it was longer!

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book? I wrote a whole review of the book on my blog!

Click here to buy Non Pratt’s ‘Remix’ for £5.99.

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