Noel Gallagher wins the award for most embarrassing dad, infront of Harry Styles

Imagine sitting in a cafe and Harry Styles walks in, all you are thinking is, does my hair look okay? Do I have anything in my teeth? And please don’t die, yeah us too.

But imagine sitting in a cafe and Harry Styles walks in and your dad is Noel Gallagher, probably a walk in the park? You’re wrong, because it doesn’t matter who your dad is, if he breathes the words “are you going to wet yourself now?” in front of a member of One Direction, you are going to want to curl up and die.

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That’s exactly what happened to Noel Gallagher’s 14 year old daughter Anais who was earlier joking to her dad that if the 1D boys were to walk in she’d wet herself. Little did she know that Harry Styles would actually walk in and her dad would share said joke in front of Mr Styles.

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Our dads don’t seem to bad anymore do they, next time you go red faced at a classic inappropriate parent comment just remember it could be worse.

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