Ariana Grande reveals the biggest perk of being a celebrity and we’ve found seven more

There’s loads of perks in being famous but Ari might have found the best one yet.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been chatting it up to Heat Magazine, where she reveals her biggest perk in being a pop star.

“I’m embarrassed but I can’t remember the last time I did the dishes or took out the trash. I’m on the road so much and in hotels all the time, I guess one of the perks of travelling so much for work is you get out of chores.”

Forget all the clothes, fancy cars and all that other stuff, it’s all about not having to wash the dishes. You win Ari; that’s definitely an amazing perk!

Ariana Nails

Of course, this got us thinking; what other perks could we get for being a celebrity and we think we’ve found seven on the best. So here we go:

1) No more ironing: Who needs to iron when you can just buy some new clothes instead? Iron Man doesn’t iron his clothes, right? Oh wait…


2) Cut the cooking: We’ll just order in a pizza, thanks. Or maybe some doughnuts…


3) Drop the dusting: Sorry, we’ve got allergies. The dust is too much for us, call in the cleaners.


4) Quit walking everywhere: Why walk anywhere when you can just be wheeled around? Or maybe a Segway will do.


5) Stop the shopping: Ok, we actually like shopping so maybe this can stay. Although, food shopping can be a bit boring, so maybe that can go. But we like to eat. Hmm… We’ll come back to this one after a shopping trip.


6) Mop out the mopping: No thanks, we’re famous! Then again…


7) Walking the dog: Who wants to walk the dog when it’s cold, raining and just horrible outside. Not us.


Yeah, we’re ready to be famous now. Cancel all our appearances and get management on the phone!

What would you drop out if you were a celebrity? Send us a tweet @maximumpop if you’re not too famous for us…

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