Interview: We spoke to Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart at the ‘Joe & Caspar Hit The Road’ premiere.

This weekend we wiggled our perfect little butts down to Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee’s ‘Hit The Road’ premiere in Leicester Square to speak to a few of our favourite YouTubers and that included Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart who were lovely enough to come and have a chat with us in the freezing cold.


Is it surreal for you to think that YouTube has been taken from recording videos at home to you now being stood on the red carpet for a YouTuber movie?

Niomi: It feels amazing. It’s crazy, you never expect that this will happen when you’re making movies for the first time years ago. It’s lovely.

Marcus: It’s madness, isn’t it? For anybody. Just to think that we were sitting in our rooms and now the boys are in a film. It’s mental.

Can we expect the two of you to be filming your own movie any time soon?

Niomi: There’s no plans for it at the moment but who knows what’s going to happen.

Marcus: Yeah, there’s nothing in the works but that’s not to say that I won’t do anything. If the right thing’s there then I’d like to take it up but it depends on what I’m doing.

Have either Joe or Caspar given you any exclusives as to what to look out for in the movie?

Marcus: No, do you know what? I’ve honestly, apart from the trailers, seen literally nothing.

Marcus, you’ve had a lot of success with your book ‘Hello Life’, can we be expecting a follow-up in the future?

Again, nothing planned. I’ve kind of got a little idea if I want to do a part two to it but there’s absolutely nothing in the pipeline.

Would you be interested in releasing your own book, Niomi?

There might be something in the works, something a little bit down the line.

If the two of you had to travel 1000 miles in 7 days with one other YouTube couple, who would you choose and why?

Niomi: Ooh, I’d say Tanya [Burr] and Jim [Chapman] because we all get along so well the four of us.

Marcus: I’d love to travel with Alfie [Deyes], too.

‘Joe & Caspar Hit The Road’ is out on DVD and digital download on now.

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