CJ Daugherty chats to us about dream casting a Night School movie!

CJ Daugherty had a chat with us about who she’d like to cast as actors and actresses when ‘Night School’ makes it on to the big screens. Fingers crossed a big shot director does this soon!

I try and write a new blogpost every week on my website ( They all get comments from readers and I adore this interaction with Night School fans. But there’s one subject I can write about that’s guaranteed to get HUNDREDS of comments, and that’s dream-casting a Night School movie.

I should say right at the outset, there is no film or TV deal in place for Night School. The books do have a film and TV agent, and discussions have taken place, but the right deal hasn’t come along yet.

This leaves us in the lovely position of pretend-casting a movie or TV series with the actors of our dreams. And as far as I can tell, Night School fans do this constantly.

So I’m going to put up the names that come up the most often, and you vote on them. Tell me which ones you think have the real Night School look.


Let’s start with the hardest character to cast. The main Night School character, Allie Sheridan is a wounded bad girl with a good heart. When we meet her in book 1 she’s a mess, but as the series progresses, she gets stronger and smarter. And she never gives up.

For this role, readers really love Lily Collins and Mai Mitchell.

Lily Collins Maia Mitchell

I think the Australian actress Adelaide Kane from Reign could be an amazing Allie.


The names I hear constantly from readers are Colton Haynes, Ed Westwick, and Chace Crawford.

Colton Haynes Ed Westwick Chace Crawford

And when I say constantly I mean: CONSTANTLY. I think I have no say on this subject.


Sylvain is French, with cheekbones and blue eyes to die for. The names that I hear the most for this part are French actors Martin Barlan, JB Maunier and Gaspard Ulliel.

Martin BarlanJB Maunier

Gaspard Ulliel

Looking at their photos, I think they’d do just FINE.


When it comes to perky, posh Jo Arringford, readers love Ashley Benson, but she’s far from British.

Ashley Benson

I’d lean more towards Gabriella Wilde.

Gabrielle Wilde

That said, if Kick Ass star Chloe Moretz does accents, I’m open to discussion.

Chloe Moretz


In the Night School books, Rachel Patel is mixed race – her father is Indian, her mother is white. I often pass girls on the street and think Rachel! But I don’t know of any actresses who meet that description. Readers have suggested Phoebe Tonkin and Tasie Lawrence, and I think they’re both LOVELY.

Phoebe tonkin Material Girl and Macy's Never-Before-Seen Retrospective of Madonna's Iconix Fashion Pieces


The Night School fans have spoken. And they want Zack Efron or Alex Pettyfer for the role of Cimmeria’s charming and handsome psychopath.

Alex Pettyfer Zac Efron

But I think Jamie Campbell Bower, who played Jace in the City of Bones film, would be amazing in this role. He could channel that mix of danger and seduction beautifully.

Jamie Campbell Bower


Night School’s red-headed bad-girl, with a cut-glass accent and a chip on her shoulder could be played beautifully by Sophie Turner, I think.

Sophie Turner

But the fans keep whispering Bonnie Wright in my ear.

Bonnie Wright


I would be so happy if Emilia Clarke could play Eloise.

Emilia Clarke

Who better than Daenerys Targaryan to kick ass in Night School? Natalie Dormer, also from Game of Thrones, could play that role beautifully as well.

Natalie Dormer


The role of Cimmeria headmistress is critical, I believe. She is the only adult Allie trusts early in the series. She is a fighter, the inheritor of a vast fortune, Lucinda’s chosen second in command. There is so much more to Isabelle than meets the eye. You know what? I don’t care who you guys want. I want Kate Beckinsale or Olivia Williams.

Kate Beckinsale Olivia Williams


There is a lot of unity on the issue of who plays Lucinda Meldrum, the first woman Treasurer, head of the World Bank, and one of the most powerful women in the world. Everyone wants Meryl Streep or Judi Dench. Argue with them at your peril.



Ian Somerhalder. Come on. It would be AWESOME.

Ian Somerhalder

And I would get to meet him. And I could tell you all how great he is. We’d become friends and…

WHAT? Why are you all looking at me like that?

Ok, fine. There are other actors. Like Jonny Lee Miller from Elementary. Who is incredibly talented, I suppose.

Jonny Lee Miller

Who do YOU think should play the night school characters? Tweet us your suggestions or comment below, you never know maybe they’ll be the perfect casting.

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