Niall makes us hot beverages and serenades us in new ‘Night Changes’ teaser. *sigh*

So far the ‘Night Changes’ teaser odyssey has caused multiple explosions of ovaries and dangerous levels of swooning in the MP! office. However we are professionals so we can cope. Promise.

In the latest date fantasy come to life, Mr. Horan invites us back to his place for a night in front of the fire with hot beverages…

niall tea


Aw, Niall. You shouldn’t have.

Treats us to a bit of a sing song…


And then, brings out the big guns…


Right, we’re dead. RIP us and all that malarkey. There is no point in trying to maintain composure when faced with Niall Horan and a fluffy dog. WE SURRENDER.


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Written by Sally O

The latest member of the MP! team, Sally's busy writing pop gossip and working on her bio right now.

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