VIDEO OFF: Nicole Scherzinger Vs Olly Murs – NOW CLOSED

Olly Murs and Nicole Scherzinger have a lot in common.  They are both part of the UK’s biggest singing competition ‘The X-Factor, make great pop music’… AND they both have a singles out this Sunday (Ok, maybe they don’t have that much in common).  We like both songs and are not content to wait until Sunday to find out the nations verdict, so we opted for the only thing that really matters… A Maximumpop video off!


Nicole Scherzinger

Olly Murs



‘Army of Two’

Current X-Factor Role?

X-Factor UK Winning Judge

Xtra Factor Host

Previous X-Factor Role?

X-Factor US judge

X-Factor 2009 Runner Up

Dramatic Orchestral Opening?



Appearance of the pop video staple Beats audio headphones?

Yes (and they’re pink!)


Number of outfit changes



Number in clone army?

Far too many to count.  They even start merging into one near the end, like a Human Scherzinger Centipede!

We counted 10 at one point, which leads us to believe that Olly wasn’t very good at math in school, as an army of 10 is significantly more than 2

Is there a heavy security presence in the video?

Yes.  Judging by the number of CCTV cameras, Scherzy has recently committed a felony

For a car park, surprisingly little.  We will be parking our car elsewhere.

Use of ladder rating?

There are no ladders.

Seven.  There is quite a lot of moody posing on ladders but it’s nowhere near Britney Spears ‘Stronger’ ladder usage status.

Snoop Dogg inspired hair dos?




Quite a bit actually.

Just slow motion walking and the occasional point or fist shake (kind of like an old man)

Should I buy this?



Embarrassing Vevo Still Rating (which you can see above)

10 – Nicole looks like she drank a slushee a little too quickly.

4 – Not that embarrassing.  A bit like someone taking a photo when you least expect it.

The fight is over. It really was neck-and-neck with Olly winning with just 50.75% of the vote. Well done to Olly and the army of two.

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